NEWS — 21 August 2014
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John Major has paid tribute to former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds who passed away aged 81.
The two forged a great friendship while serving simultaneous terms of office as leaders of their respective governments, having first met when Major was Chancellor of the Exchequer under Margaret Thatcher and Reynolds was Minister for Finance under Charles Haughey.
“He demonstrated integrity, determination and great courage in his pursuit of peace at a time when it was so necessary,” said Major.
“Albert Reynolds was at the heart of the success of the Irish peace process. Without Albert, it may never have started – or might have stalled at an early stage – and Ireland, North and South, might still be enduring the violence that scarred daily lives for so long.
“Albert cared about achieving peace and took risks to deliver a future for Ireland that many thought was impossible. He deserves an honoured place in the history of his country. To me, he became a friend I cherish and will miss.”
Here is a link to an audio clip of John Major speaking on BBC Radio 4′s World at One about working with Reynolds.
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