ARTS AND FEATURES — 20 August 2014


A NEW exhibition by Irish artist John Joseph Sheehy opens today at House Gallery, South London.

Born in southwest Ireland in 1947, Sheehy immigrated to London in the Fifties and has called it home ever since.

His new exhibition, The Colours Chose Me, at South London’s House Gallery, has been organized and curated by Michael Wong of Café Art and Richard Todd of the 240 Project.

John began painting through workshops at the Big Issue after becoming disabled. A prolific artist, whose creativity expands across all media: oils and acrylics, lino and screen prints, collage, ceramics and sculpture.

He maintains a sense of wonder through his vibrant use of colour and varied medium. Also an accomplished writer, including poetry and songs, his work has been published and broadcast by the BBC.

The Colours Chose Me is at House Gallery, 70 Church Street, Camberwell from August 20-27. Visit or call 020 7358 4475 for more.

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