NEWS — 19 August 2014

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Roddy Doyle’s famous trilogy featuring The Commitments, The Van and The Snapper have been named as the Dublin: One City One Book Choice for 2015. 

Doyle’s The Barrytown Trilogy has been selected for the One City One Book festival which has encouraged people to read a book connected with Dublin during the month of  April since it started in 2006.

Doyle said:  “When I wrote the books that make up The Barrytown Trilogy  I hoped that the city would come up off the page, like a character.  When the characters spoke, Dublin spoke.

“So, twenty-eight years after I started writing the novels that make up the trilogy, I’m delighted – and proud – that it will be the Dublin: One City, One Book choice for 2015.”

The 2014 choice, If Ever You Go: a map of Dublin in poetry and song, succeeded in bringing poetry to a wider audience and became one of Ireland’s best selling poetry books ever. It is already one of the most borrowed books in Dublin City Public Libraries this year.

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