SPORT — 24 April 2014

By Damian Dolan.

Garryowen‘s Eddie McLoughlin and Bill Scheiner – the newly confirmed chairman of finance – and have become the first to secure their place in the history of the new Ruislip ground when it opens in 2015, by purchasing a seat engraved with their names.

Not too far behind them to grab this unique chance to be part of the legacy of the new Ruislip ground were St Joseph’s Pa McAvinue and Jim King, with London’s GAA clubs and Gaels are being offered the chance to purchase 1000 seats at one-off payment of £125 each to have their name forever engraved on a seat in the new Grandstand. Seats are available on a first-come first-served basis.

“This is an exciting and ambitious development which London GAA have embarked upon, which should safeguard the future of our games and culture in London and beyond. This is your chance to invest in that future,” said Noel Dunning, Chairman of the Ruislip Development Committee.

“It’s not just about us as a committee going out and getting big businesses to make a donation, it’s about giving all members of the GAA in London the opportunity to put something into it and be forever linked to it.”

For more see this week’s edition of the Irish World.

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