NEWS — 12 March 2014

St Patrick’s Day Parade 1962, Whitehall. Image by Paddy Fahey, courtesy of Brent Archive.

By staff reporter

IRISH in Britain will be in Trafalgar Square this year, collecting people’s stories of Saint Patrick’s Day.

You may have attended a festival in the early years, marched at the Square in 2002, or perhaps this is your first year at the festival. Irish in Britain want to hear as many different stories as possible to contribute to the Irish Voices Project, which spans from the 1950s to the present day. You can meet the team or tweet your memory using #irishvoices to

The Irish Voices Exhibition at City Hall reveals the history of the Parade through the voices of the community, from jovial tales of walking alongside John Lennon in cowboy boots that proved too tight to disarming accounts of Paraders outnumbered by police ten to one and on to tears of joy at reclaiming Trafalgar Square with a sea of tricolours.

The Irish Voices exhibition presents stories, photographs and artwork by young people who have been inspired by the stories of older Irish people about the parade and can be seen throughout the St Patrick’s Day festivities from March 10 – 21 at City Hall.






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