NEWS — 07 March 2014

By Shelley Marsden

NEW research by mobile and broadband provider TalkTalk has revealed that whilst the Northern Irish are happy to deliver good news with a phone call, they are the most phone-shy region when it comes to bad news – and are most likely to send a text.

Almost all of those questioned admitted they have called off a date or cancelled plans with friends last minute by tapping out a phone message at one time or another, but it’s the residents of Belfast that were found to be the most cowardly.

One in six were guilty of sending condolences by SMS and nearly half (a quarter more than the UK average) admitted to breaking up with a partner via text message to avoid a difficult conversation.

One in three of those who have text their boss about being ill and unable to come into work said it was guilt that drove their decision not to call – just 7 per cent was because they were too ill to speak.

However, the findings show that the personal touch still counts with residents more likely to pick up the phone when sharing positive news. 7 in 10 questioned in the survey by TalkTalk said they couldn’t wait to share good news about a job promotion, new baby arrival or marriage proposal over the phone.

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