ARTS AND FEATURES — 17 February 2014

Rollo, played by Irish-born Clive Standen, gets ready for battle against his own sibling

By David Hennessy

The second series of the Irish-filmed historical drama Vikings returns this month exclusively to Lovefilm instant.

The first series saw Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar defy Gabriel Byrne’s Earl Haraldson to sail west in search of new lands and new riches and finding them. Challenged to combat for his disobedience, Ragnar kills Haraldson to become Earl. Hailed as a hero for his daring exploration, Ragnar’s fame grows and he is somewhat corrupted by his own new legend. However, the masses do not hear of Ragnar’s brother Rollo who is a fearless warrior and behind Ragnar every step of the way. Rollo becomes jealous and the series came to a climax with the brothers getting ready for war but this time on the opposite sides. Together, the brothers could conquer everything but when they battle each other, nobody will know glory or victory.

The Irish World set sail with Michael Hirst, the show’s creator, writer and executive producer whose previous work includes The Tudors, as well as Katheryn Winnick who plays Ragnar’s wife Lagertha and George Blagden who plays Athelstan, a monk captured by Ragnar on his first raid in England.

Vikings series two premieres on on 28 February, one day after its US broadcast.

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