NEWS — 07 February 2014

By staff reporter

Penguin Ireland are looking for stories from Irish people that have emigrated and an introductory event is being held at the London Irish Centre on Tuesday 11 February to help with the search.

Have you ever said to yourself when thinking about your life, ‘If I put all this down in a book, they’d never believe it?’ Or looked back with a sense of amazement about where you started and where you are now and thought that you could never have imagined how things would turn out and the twists and turns along the way?

The new waves of emigration from Ireland have increased people’s interest in the lives of those who left during previous generations. Nowadays because of the media and the internet, people have a good idea of what to expect when arriving in a big city like London or Manchester, Sydney or San Francisco. And they can keep contact with home. The challenge for previous generations is almost impossible to imagine.

For a while now the book publisher Penguin Ireland has been thinking that there’s a great wealth of amazing stories – moving, funny, difficult, inspirational – in the lives of Irish people who emigrated in previous generations. With that in mind, Penguin editor Patricia Deevy will be at the London Irish Centre at 6.30pm on Tuesday February 11 to explain the process of getting stories from inside your head to the page.

The good news is that you don’t have to be a writer to tell your story and it’s very easy to start. Of course, Patricia hopes to find one or two stories that could end up being published (and she will fill you in about the publishing process). But even if you never write a book, it will be an opportunity to think about the story you have to tell and how you might record it. Please do come along …

London Irish Centre, Tues Feb 11th, 6.30pm,  FREE. All welcome. 

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