NEWS — 29 January 2014

By staff reporter

NEWTOWNABBEY Borough Council voted on Monday night to end a ban on a play unionist councillors and clergymen had deemed blasphemous.

The Artistic Board reversed its decision of last week in support of the DUP to condemn the banning of the play at Mossley Mill.

Alderman Dineen Walker, deputy mayor of Newtownabbey, voted to overturn a decision on the Reduced Shakespeare Company play her party colleagues branded as blasphemous and an attack on Christianity.

Anger had been growing since it was revealed the council’s artistic board – made up of councillors and independent members – had cancelled performances of the irreverent comedy after DUP pressure.

Those who vented their outrage and disbelief included Australian comedian Tim Minchin and English scientist Richard Dawkins.

Patrick Corrigan from human rights organisation Amnesty International described the ban in Newtownabbey as interference with freedom of speech and artistic expression that “should be of concern to freedom lovers everywhere”.

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