SPORT — 21 January 2014

By Damian Dolan.

In the final part of our focus on the possible successors to Liam O’Neill as the next President of the GAA we speak to former Ulster Council President Aogan Ó Fearghail

Why are you running for President?

“I’ve been involved in the GAA all of my life, but I’m still a young man and I’ve got a contribution to make.

The main reason I want to be President is I’ve come through the complete structure of the GAA. I spent 25 years as a coach in my local club (Drumgoon Eire Og, Co Cavan), where I built up what was a very poor junior club to what is now a senior club. I didn’t do it on my own but I saw that by hard work, a strategy and good coaching you can achieve.

We were one of the worst clubs in Cavan – we never won anything. We never won a junior championship in over 90 years. Through putting a proper structure in place and building up the underage we’ve won a Junior All Ireland, and Junior and Intermediate in Cavan.

In parallel with that I’ve worked in administration at Ulster and national level, and just see the difference that hard work, strategy and good coaching can make to our players. If you have good communication around all of that I believe that those who are most challenged in the GAA can improve. In life you always need to give a leg up to those that need it most.

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