ENTERTAINMENT — 02 December 2013

How To Fall In Love

3 stars

IN the latest novel from bestselling P.S. I Love You author Cecelia Ahern, fate throws two random people together in Dublin one night in the kind of romantic, uplifting plot that has hit Hollywood film adaptation written all over it.

How To Fall In Love (Harper Collins) begins as Adam Basil meets Christine Rose, while the latter is crossing the Ha’penny Bridge. Adam is there, threatening to jump off it. Christine makes a crazy deal with the desperate young man on the bridge.

In two weeks, he turns 35 – so she bets him that before his birthday, she can convince him that life is worth living. She has two weeks to teach him how to fall in love – with his own life.

Though she’s determined, Christine knows she’s risking big. The clock is ticking, as she and Adam set off on wild adventures, grand romantic gestures and unlikely late-night outings. Slowly, Christine believes Adam is starting to come round, but could something else be happening here too?!

Ahern – who to date has sold over 15 million copies of her books worldwide- does what she does best here, a love story laced with dry wit, plenty of wise-cracks, vivid characters and just enough thoughtful reflection to make the reader appreciate what life’s really about.

By Terry McGurk


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