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Padraig remains the master of his own destiny


Padraig Harrington is confident he can attain and exceed past glory


As one of Ireland’s most successful and popular sportsmen, three-time major winner Padraig Harrington is an extremely private man, whose family life is a high priority and whose dedication to improving his game is virtually obsessive.

When I met him he was relaxing in his magnificent mansion in South Dublin. He had just completed an extended practice session on the greens and pitching areas in the manicured grounds surrounding his house. He was now relaxing with his family just 24 hours before leaving for the States for over a month in preparation for an assault on this week’s US Masters in Augusta.
“My family have had the biggest influence on my career – my Dad and my brothers and of course my wife Caroline,” said Harrington.

He is very settled in Ireland and has never seriously considered moving to the US on a full-time basis, despite the fact that he played in 18 tournaments in there last year alone.
On July 25th 2007, Harrington’s life changed comprehensively and irrevocably when he won his first major, The Open Championship at Carnoustie.

“My career will be defined by the number of majors I win. When I am presented to a links society when I’m 70, it’ll be as Padraig Harrington ‘eight times major champion,’ not as ‘prolific tournament winner’,” he said.

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